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The desire to paint has always been there. a fascination  for color and stroke. During his science studies economics, Pascale Kosior subscribes to Beaux-Arts de Versailles then in the early 90s, she taught plastic arts for a while at the School of rue Froment in Paris 11. It was during this period that she frequented the Parisian studio of the Argentinian painter and musician, Juan Carlos Caceres, who taught her the art of color and reinforced her in her vocation.  Since its first exhibitions at beginning  from the 2000s, Pascale Kosior asserts herself in a very personal style and technique, between abstraction and figurative. 

Pascale KOSIOR paints exclusively in oil, creates her own colors and plays with pure pigments. Her technique allows a great freedom of expression and allows to obtain an incomparable luminosity, to play with transparencies and to work his subjects in the thickness.

Pascale lives in Paris and her studio is in the Saint Louis district of Versailles.

She exhibits every year at the Galerie de l'Europe, rue de Seine in Paris 6. 

Artistic director of "L'Expo" for Eiffage Construction in 2017 and 2018

Her paintings are now exported to Europe, the United States and the Middle East.



Pascale Kosior reinvents the contours of our world. She offers us, with her imaginary maps, a past or future representation of our world. 


Exploring other ways of representing nature and its fragility, Pascale Kosior makes us travel on oceans of invented and hypnotic flowers.



To let the gaze get lost in infinity

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